Packers news: Davante Adams says Michael Vick was his football hero
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Packers WR Davante Adams says Michael Vick was his original football hero

davante adams, michael vick

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams was a quarterback growing up. And he looked up to Michael Vick as his football hero.

Adams idolized Vick so much that he even forced himself to throw left-handed like the former Falcons and Eagles quarterback.


“What’s funny is that I didn’t play football that much until my junior year of high school, but I always loved football. My original football hero was Mike Vick because I played quarterback. I forced myself to be left-handed because I idolized him so much, especially after ‘Madden 2004’ came out and he was on the cover. I started locking into his game and seeing the things he could do that other people couldn’t.”

Adams adds that in terms of wide receivers, Randy Moss was always his guy and especially loved the confidence with which the Hall of Famer played.

But back to Vick, it’s no surprise that a young quarterback like Adams gravitated toward him. Vick was legitimately the most exciting player in the league early in his career and made playing the quarterback position look so cool. Adams wasn’t alone in wanting to be like Mike during his heyday.

Adams may no longer be a quarterback these days, but he has grown into one of the very best wide receivers in the entire league. He’s coming off a career year in 2018 as he had 111 receptions for 1,386 yards and 13 touchdowns — all new career-highs — as he reached his second Pro Bowl in a row.

Adams is already halfway toward matching his hero Vick’s career Pro Bowl appearances of four, and at the rate he’s going, he’s got a good chance of exceeding it when it’s all said and done.