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Packers star wideout Davante Adams speaks out on Aaron Rodgers fiasco

Packers, Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers

While many are still waiting for any word from Aaron Rodgers on what exactly is going on between him and the Green Bay Packers, there is starting to become more and more clarity as others have spoken up.

On Monday, Packers superstar wide receiver Davante Adams appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and didn’t mince his words when talking about the ongoing mess.

Adams sounded optimistic at times while reiterating that a lot needs to be done if there’s a hope of Rodgers coming back to Green Bay to play for the Packers again. Most notably, Adams didn’t hesitate when saying he is backing up his QB1 100 percent during this whole ongoing disagreement.

The veteran wideout went one step further when he was asked if this affects his own future with the Packers.

While the focus for now for the Packers is Aaron Rodgers and how to get him to want to stick around in Green Bay, the collateral damage that could be done by a permanent split could mean the likes of Adams and maybe others also wanting out of the organization.

The rumors and reports have quieted in recent days, but with offseason programs and mandatory camps fast approaching, they will only dial back up if Rodgers isn’t in attendance for the Packers. The Denver Broncos remain the main team to keep an eye on if the Packers do end up deciding the Rodgers situation is past the point of repair and opt to trade the disgruntled quarterback.

One thing is becoming more clear, and that is that sides are being taken in this battle. And now firmly standing in the corner of Aaron Rodgers is his WR1, Davante Adams.