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Former Brett Favre teammate roasts Hall of Fame QB over despicable welfare scandal

brett favre, sage rosenfels

Last week, a scandal broke that revealed former Green Bay Packers legendary quarterback Brett Favre had allegedly help funnel millions of dollars that were designed for welfare programs to the University of Mississippi to help build a new volleyball facility in 2017. Favre’s daughter began attending the University of Mississippi and played volleyball starting in 2017.

On Thursday, Favre’s former teammate, Sage Rosenfels, decided to take a shot through social media.

“Since retirement, I have been lucky to avoid stealing millions of dollars from the poorest people in my state,” Rosenfels tweeted referring to Favre.

He later decided to take a shot at himself as well, tweeting “Of course, this is partially because I had already stolen millions from the richest people in our country.” He is pointing to the fact that he made millions of dollars and was not a very good pro quarterback.

The state of Mississippi is suing Favre and others, alleging they misspent millions of dollars that had been allocated for welfare. The money was allegedly funneled through a non-profit organization and ultimately landed at Favre’s former school.

Last week, text messages were unveiled in court from Favre. Former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant was implicated in the messages. They point to his instruction to Favre on how to accomplish the goal of diverting the funds. Both Favre and Gov. Bryant also attended the University of Mississippi.

During the text exchange, Brett Favre asks whether the media will be made aware of the transgressions. It’s a damning piece of evidence that is certain to have a major affect in civil court.