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Packers’ fans will hope that ‘Manning Cast curse’ doesn’t get Aaron Rodgers

Packers, Aaron Rodgers, Manning Cast

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed several things during his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee show. Aside from an update on his toe injury, the Packers star revealed that there have been talks of him possibly appearing on ESPN’s ‘Manning Cast’ in January. While excited to see their star quarterback chop it up with two legends of the NFL, Green Bay fans are likely hoping that the fabled ‘curse’ has been defeated for good if Rodgers is set to appear on the set.

So, Packers’ star Aaron Rodgers’ people have talked to Peyton and Eli Manning’s people about an appearance on the ‘Manning Cast?’ This is great and a lot of people will watch it if it happens, but Packers’ fans are concerned about something far more important.

If Aaron Rodgers appears on the Manning cast, will the fabled curse get him and the Packers? Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green seemed to defeat the curse back in November, though that’s a different sport, so the NFL curse could still be very much alive. Maybe Rodgers will be the first NFL player to slay the curse.

Already dealing with an injured toe, Rodgers and Packers’ fans clearly don’t need any more bad karma, especially in the midst of a battle for the NFC’s number one seed.

It’s not yet decided if Aaron Rodgers will appear on the ‘Manning Cast’ in January, but it appears to be in the works. Packers’ fans are likely hoping the curse is gone for good.