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Packers not yet among teams known to be attending Colin Kaepernick workout

Colin Kaepernick, Packers

The NFL announced quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s open workout on Wednesday with an invite to every single organization. There will be plenty of teams who accept the invite, but the Green Bay Packers are not yet one of them, according to Chris Chavez of Sports Illustrated.

The Packers were certainly not Kaepernick’s target audience. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still outstanding, and hasn’t shown any signs of serious decline. Although it’s true Green Bay could upgrade at backup quarterback, it doesn’t make any financial sense.

Kaepernick believes he can play at a high level, meaning he will rightfully ask for a high salary. There’s no need for the Packers to in any way pursue the polarizing signal-caller. Don’t expect anyone from the Green Bay front office to be in attendance.

While using valuable cap space to sign Kaepernick doesn’t make much sense, there are plenty of upcoming free agents who do. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ Green is set to hit the open market. He could make a very intriguing option for the Packers, assuming he doesn’t demand a huge salary.

Green Bay has also struggled at linebacker. New England Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins will be a free agent in the offseason, assuming the Patriots don’t re-sign him. Collins will likely be a somewhat affordable option as he’s an aging veteran. Despite playing at an extremely high level, it would be shocking to see any team give Collins a long term deal.

The Packers should be right in the running for him come springtime.