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How a ‘deep clean’ is confirming Aaron Rodgers’ future with Packers

Aaron Rodgers Packers cleaning

The Aaron Rodgers vs. Green Bay Packers standoff has taken another weird turn. With fans desperate to find out what will happen to the reining NFL MVP this season, the tiniest of clues are being uncovered to perhaps provide clues as to Aaron Rodgers’ next move. This latest one has to do with someone cleaning his house. Seriously.

Rodgers has been widely speculated to be considering holding out of Packers training camp. It’s basically an NFL reality show come to life, as the QB has been increasingly cryptic with his intentions. But Packers play-by-play man Wayne Larrivee was recently interviewed by NFL Network host Andrew Siciliano, where he revealed some intel on a possible sign that Aaron Rodgers is indeed planning to show up to camp.

“Can I give you a tidbit? This is not anything official, and I haven’t confirmed this,” said the Packers announcer.  “But apparently the cleaning service that takes care of deep cleaning in homes, y’know where people haven’t been for months and months. Apparently, his house is scheduled to be deep cleaned in Green Bay next week.”

There you have it, folks. Aaron Rodgers staying with the Packers, confirmed. Kidding aside, we can speculate all we want about what’s going on in Rodgers’ head. But nobody truly knows his intentions except the man himself. The deep cleaning could be evidence, but it could also be completely unrelated to his plans. We’ll just have to wait and see.