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Packers QB Jordan Love reveals last time he talked to Aaron Rodgers

Packers, Jordan Love, Aaron Rodgers

After reports that Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love struggled mightily during OTAs on Tuesday, the script flipped on Wednesday. Packers reporters left and right reported that Love was absolutely dialed in an on point with his downfield passes in particular.

Following the workouts, the Packers quarterback spoke to the media for the first time. Naturally, he was asked about Aaron Rodgers and his situation with the front office early and often. One answer seemed to peak some interest.

Rodgers has made it clear that his frustrations with the Packers and their front office don’t revolve around Jordan Love. It may be the idea of Love and that Green Bay traded up to take a quarterback in the first round in 2020 without mentioning anything about it to the league MVP. Regardless, Love reiterated that he and Rodgers have a good relationship.

The fact the two talked a week before Love arrived back with the Packers for offseason workouts has many wondering what that conversation was like. Love didn’t elaborate.

What happens between Rodgers and the Packers is anyone’s guess at this point. If he holds to the grudge, Love may be tabbed the Week 1 starter. He balled out on Wednesday in OTAs.

While the worry is with Rodgers and his future with the Packers, it would be quite the discovery if Love turns out to be a stud quarterback himself. He certainly has the pieces around him to flourish and a great system to work with in Green Bay with Matt LaFleur.