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The big issue that bogged down Odell Beckham Jr. contract talks with Green Bay

Odell Beckham Jr., LA Rams, Green Bay Packers

Odell Beckham Jr. nearly became a Green Bay Packer, instead he joined the Los Angeles Rams, and one reason contributed greatly to his decision: the Packers’ underwhelming offer. Beckham Jr. was reportedly offered the veteran’s minimum inclusive of incentives by Green Bay, an offer that failed to sway him away from sunny Los Angeles and towards Wisconsin. Adam Schefter of ESPN Sports reports:

“The Packers were asked to increase their offer to Beckham on multiple occasions, according to sources. But when Green Bay declined, Beckham chose the Rams, which some sources thought to be his preferred destination all along.

Many sources believed the Rams became the immediate favorite to land Beckham once they entered the discussions”

The NFL minimum salary is set as follows: $660,000 for rookies, $780,000 for one year of service, $850,000 for two years, $920,000 for three years, $990,000 for four to six years and $1.075 million for seven years and above. Drafted in 2014, Beckham Jr. would have seven years of experience in the NFL under his belt, yet the popular wide receiver opted to take the Rams’ $1.25 million contract offer.

As the Week 12 showdown between Green Bay and Los Angeles fast approaches, Packers fans are left to imagine what Odell Beckham Jr. would have looked like in a Packers uniform.