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Packers players team up calling for ‘change,’ reforms in law enforcement

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There have been teams around the NFL to call for change following the death of George Floyd and the Green Bay Packers are the latest. In an emotional post to the team’s official Twitter account, Green Bay players are calling for “change” and reforms within law enforcement.

The death of Floyd in police custody has prompted people around the country to feel disappointed in law enforcement. As a result, there have been protests taking place in all 50 states to combat racial injustice and inequality.

While no one person can incite change themselves, players on the Packers realize that together they can achieve such a milestone. That means that everyone must do their part in educating themselves. Also, calling for reforms in law enforcement needs to be a priority moving forward.

Among the players featured in the video, Aaron Rodgers voiced his frustration on the matter. In addition, on Wednesday, Rodgers issued a passionate statement on the events that have transpired recently. Of course, his message came shortly after Drew Brees made some controversial remarks of his own criticizing player protests during the national anthem.

There’s no doubt that the protests against police brutality have started a conversation on serious topics. Not to mention, everyone who has spoken out on the subject have given other people the courage to stand in unity. However, it is vital for everyone to continue these conversations until changes are actually made.

Seeing that the Packers are calling for change, that may entice others to stand up for what is right. In addition, Green Bay’s message should go to show that change is only possible if we all work together toward one common goal.