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Panthers GM gets brutally honest on Cam Newton’s future

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The Carolina Panthers had one of the most bizarre quarterback situations in the league this year. They started off the year as hot as any team led by Sam Darnold, who slipped into a slump and then suffered an injury that kept him out for an extended period. During that time, the Panthers brought back Cam Newton, who was then thrust into a two- and sometimes three- quarterback rotation with Darnold and backup P.J. Walker when all three were healthy and active. Newton’s age and concerns about his ability raised questions about if he would be in Carolina next season. Panthers GM Scott Fitterer addressed those concerns with a brutally honest take on Newton’s future during an appearance on WFNZ’s The Clubhouse with Kyle Bailey. 

“We’re evaluating that position, but I did have a chance to talk with Cam,” Fitterer went on when asked of Newton’s future. “And we just told him straightforward, ‘Hey, if we can find a role that fits for us, a role that fits for you and it works out’—we’d love to have Cam back.”

Panthers GM Scott Fitterer sounds like he wants to have Cam Newton back in Carolina next season. Fitterer said that he spoke to Newton about his future and said that if he can find something that works for both parties, he’ll do it.

Newton’s best days are clearly behind him, as the veteran signal-caller completed just 54.8 percent of his passes while throwing for four touchdowns and five interceptions.

Newton did rush for five scores, though he took some heat, both for his decision-making as well as the lackluster Panthers’ offense and record.

It remains to be seen what the Panthers decide to do with Cam Newton, though GM Scott Fitterer clearly doesn’t have any doubts about the veteran signal-caller’s future in Carolina.