Panthers safety Eric Reid calls Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins a 'sellout'
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Panthers safety Eric Reid calls Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins a ‘sellout’

The Carolina Panthers had a historic comeback victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 7, and Eric Reid took serious issue with Malcolm Jenkins.

Reid was one of the biggest advocates for Collin Kaepernick’s stand against racial inequality last season. He knelt during the national anthem alongside many other NFL players. Like Kaepernick, Reid found himself being blackballed by the NFL for his actions. Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins also stood alongside Kaepernick, but he and Reid don’t seem to see eye to eye.

‘’He’s a sellout,” Reid told ESPN when asked about his confrontation with Jenkins.

According to Eric Reid, Malcolm Jenkins used the publicity of the protests to get his own charitable organization funded, rather than because it was the right thing to do. While the two had an argument, it seems like Jenkins is on Reid’s side for the most part.

Jenkins has spoken out in favor of Reid on multiple occasions, saying it was unfair that a player with his talent couldn’t find a place on an NFL roster. While Jenkins had kind words to say about Reid in a postgame interviews, Reid had none to return.

The 17-point deficit the Panthers battled back from in the fourth quarter made it their biggest comeback in franchise history. Reid had a controversial interception that was overturned by official review, but his impact was felt. The Panthers improved to 4-2, and are just behind the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South standings. Cam Newton described the win as a “confidence booster”, and they’ll need it as they head into a matchup with the Baltimore Ravens in Week 8, who have one of the NFL’s most prolific defenses this season.