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Patriots QB Mac Jones called out for ‘dirty’ ankle twist on Brian Burns

Panthers, Patriots, Mac Jons

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones made a dirty play after being sacked against the Carolina Panthers.

Jones was sacked and while the play was still happening he turned his body, while on the ground, and pulled a Panthers Defender leg. He grabbed it and pulled it to try to get him back down. This is a play that could cause a severe injury.

The Patriots won this contest. They beat the Panthers 24-6. Mac Jones didn’t do anything special. He threw for only 139 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

New England is now only one game behind the Buffalo Bills. The Bills lost a game that they should have never lost, losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Joe Pearson of the Panters reported,

Haason Reddick on Mac Jones’ ankle twist on Brian Burns: “I thought it was completely dirty. Hopefully it’s something the league addresses.”

It’s clear that the Carolina Panthers and their players are not too happy about what Jones did. It is tough to tell if Jones was just trying to get him down so he couldn’t make a play or if he did it out of pure frustration.

The league will most likely look into this and it’s going to be interesting what they say about it. Luckily nobody got hurt during this incident so Mac Jones might get a pass on this one.