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Panthers’ Ron Rivera explains decision to go for two-point conversion vs. Packers

ron rivera

Fans who watched the Carolina Panthers narrowly lose to the Green Bay Packers have a lot of things to say about the close bout. One of the biggest talking points for this game was Ron Rivera’s decision to go for the two-point conversion after cutting the Packers’ lead to 24-16.

The press immediately asked about his decision as fans were definitely wondering if the decision to push for the riskier play was out of desperation or calculations. Rivera confirmed that it was a case of the latter.

“Yes, that was purely analytics, 100 percent,” Rivera said, via Jourdan Rodrigue of TheAthletic.com. “The thing is, if you get there and then you score at the end, then you’re kicking to win the game. If you don’t get it there, you get an opportunity to go for two again. We feel pretty good about the play we had called the first time, and we felt good about having the second one up. It’s most certainly something where we went ahead and followed the analytics of it.”

It’s unfortunate then that the team didn’t manage to complete the two-point conversion, but it’s not like the Panthers were absolutely terrible on the field. Kyle Allen threw for 307 yards and one touchdown. Christian McCaffrey carried the ball 20 times for 108 yards and one rushing TD. DJ Moore and Greg Olsen were also effective in the passing game.

The Packers just managed to play a bit better than the Panthers to get it over the line. Carolina should look forward and win the remaining games of the season if they want to make the playoffs.