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Video: Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey runs away from Cardinals defenders for 76-yard TD

Christian McCaffrey

The Carolina Panthers face off with the Arizona Cardinals in a Week 3 matchup Sunday. In that game, running back Christian McCaffrey put on a show with a dazzling 76-yard touchdown run.

After a devastating loss in Week 2, Carolina found themselves 0-2 heading into Week 3. If they wanted to avoid a truly miserable start, they needed to win on Sunday. However, they had to do so without starting quarterback Cam Newton. As you’d expect, that meant McCaffrey was the guy.

With the third quarter almost over, the Panthers found themselves just one point ahead of the Cardinals. Not only that, but they weren’t exactly close to the end zone either.

McCaffrey decided to put things into his own hands with that magnificent run. He gets past someone in the backfield and follows his blockers to get to the first down. Once that happens, he makes a man miss with a nasty juke move and is off to the races.

McCaffrey does the classic stiff arm of no one at one point. It’s the Madden move where you hit the stiff arm button thinking the person’s going to catch up to you, but they don’t. Finally, he shrugs off an ankle tackle attempt and is ghost.

The running back showed off his moves, and most obviously his speed on this run. It pushed him over 100 yards rushing for the day and gave the Panthers an eight point lead at the time.

Unsurprisingly, Carolina has called McCaffrey’s number quite often in Week 3. Don’t be surprised if he has another highlight reel play before the end of the game.