Paramount+ has announced its plans to create a documentary on boybands and their effect on pop culture, according to Variety.

Johnny Wright, who used to manage New Kids On The Block, NSYNC and Britney Spears, will work with Gunpower and Sky CEO Van Toffler to produce the film which aims to explore the boyband-rich '90s and the early aughts of the 2000s.

“The ’90s boy band era made an indelible impact and will be forever woven into the pop culture landscape. Boy bands remain bonafide global sensations to this day, as seen in the fan frenzy heard around the world during *NSYNC’s on-stage reunion at this year’s VMAs and the ever-spreading domination of K-Pop’s biggest groups like BTS, Stray Kids and TXT,” said Bruce Gilmer, Paramount's president of music, music talent, programming and events and Paramount+'s chief content officer of music.

The documentary will feature the bands and their songs that defined the boyband era. It hopes to explain the enduring popularity of boybands.

Toffler also mentioned The Jackson 5, arguably the group that paved the way for boybands in the U.S., adding that “this music has dominated the charts for decades, but there's always been a stigma attached. The reality is, these are insanely talented guys who led the requests each week when I was running TRL in the '90s and early 200s.”

While the boyband era peaked in the '60s and '70s, the '90s saw a resurgence with the bands that will be featured in the documentary. Toffler added, “just when we all think the fervor for boy bands has dissipated, One Direction or BTS emerge…”

Kel Thompson and Kel Mitchell in Good Burger 2.

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Poster art for Baby Shark's Big Movie, Finestkind, and Beau is Afraid, all new to streaming on Paramount+ in December

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One Direction was active from 2010 to 2015, and almost immediately after that, South Korean K-Pop superstars BTS took over. For a time, they were the only game in the boyband industry: winning Billboard awards, selling out stadiums and breaking Guinness World records until the band went on hiatus to prepare for their solo albums and impending military enlistment.

Today, though, we're treated to somewhat of a reunion: with NSYNC having recently released a song for the upcoming animated film “Trolls Band Together.”

Until then, we can wait for this documentary which Tamra Davis is slated to direct.