Patrick Baldwin Jr. – 2021 5-Star Highlights, Scouting Report
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Patrick Baldwin Jr., college basketball, scouting report, highlights

Patrick Baldwin Jr. – 2021 5-Star Highlights, Scouting Report

Patrick Baldwin Jr., a five-star wing out of the 2021 college basketball recruiting class, already has some insane highlights that’s resulted in some scouting report abilities. As we are going to — to the point of nausea — mention during each of these player profiles, it’s a far too early to get hyperbolic with the young man by way of YouTube videos, he’s already projected as the No. 2 overall prospect in his recruitment class.

This begins a (soft) series in which we lightly profile members of future recruiting classes with highlight videos and a very, very brief scouting report. As time goes on, especially for players in classes a few years out, we’ll update these posts with more information as it becomes available.

A few more important emphasis on disclosure: We’re going to insert the author name under our broad staff handle, as multiple writers might chime in with their notes. We will put the date and writer before each note so readers know who wrote what part of the scouting report and when.

With that caveat out of the way,and it’s important to admit each of these will begin similarly prior to the actual player profile, let’s take a gander at what we know about Patrick Baldwin Jr. so far (again, information obtained is applicable relative to the time of this writing and can — and will — likely change).

Patrick Baldwin Jr. (@pbaldwin23) – 6-foot-8 – Sussex, WI

HS Team: Sussex Hamilton – AAU Team: Game Time Elite

2021 Recruiting Class – 5-star – No. 2 Overall Prospect

Joseph Nardone (@JosephNardone, September 3, 2019): We know that some outlets actually peg Baldwin as the No. 1 overall prospect, but at the time of this writing, his second. What a college basketball loving nation also already knows is that the Duke Blue Devils have made him a priority target. So… yay? He would fit in well with Coach K’s more balanced approach to recruiting.

However, that’s all hoopla and stuff that will change between now and the time he commits.

As for his actual game, Baldwin has an electric stroke. A legit threat from distance, he’s had several games at the lower levels of attempting over eight shots from beyond the arc, making well more than half. This is increasingly important due to his size. While some outlets claim him to be 6-foot-8, a few others have him taller, with a few going as far to say he’s 6-foot-10.

A defensively sound talent, it’s hard to project high school and AAU defense to the next level. That being said, considering he’s an above average athlete, it’s easy to believe Baldwin will be competent — at the very least — the moment he steps foot on campus.

That is, if he’ll ever step foot on a college campus. Depending on what the NBA does with it’s one-and-done rule, he might never play at the collegiate level if the “double draft” ends up happening in 2021.

Baldwin’s dad is UW-Milwaukee head coach Patrick Baldwin Sr. Must stink to be the dad of one of the very best high school prospects in the country, knowing there’s no chance in hell you can convince your own blood to come dominate at a lower-ish level of college basketball.

Around roughly 205 pounds, Baldwin is still apparently growing. It’s why his game from distance is so polished, but don’t overlook his solid work in the mid-range. If he ever is widely accepted to be 6-foot-9 or taller, fully expect hyperbolic comparisons to guys like Kevin Durant — a totally unfair and unwise comparison to make; though it won’t stop anyone from doing so.

At the end of the day, from what I’ve seen, he’s about as polished offensively as a kid could be in the 2021 recruiting class. It makes sense so many have him as the No. 1 overall prospect in the 2021 grouping. Whoever ends up getting Patrick Baldwin will be thrilled.


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