Patriots news: New England expected to receive most compensatory picks
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Patriots expected to receive the most compensatory NFL Draft picks

The New England Patriots have long benefitted from compensatory picks. That will remain the same in 2020. Just a couple months away from the 2020 NFL Draft, New England is expected to receive the most compensatory picks in the upcoming draft.

The NFL has yet to announce the compensatory picks that each team will receive this offseason. But Nick Corte of was able to use previous seasons to project what picks New England could be getting in the draft.

Last offseason, the Patriots allowed Trey Flowers and Trent Brown to walk in free agency. Both Flowers and Brown signed lucrative contracts at their respective positions. Thus, New England is expected to receive two third-round picks as a result of their departure.

Besides Flowers and Brown, the Patriots also lost Malcolm Brown and Cordarelle Patterson in last year’s free agency period. By losing those two players, the Patriots are projected to be rewarded with two sixth-round selections.

New England typically drafts toward the end of the first round year after year. However, compiling compensatory draft picks has aided in New England’s ability to reshape their roster for the following season.

Over the years, the Patriots have shown a tendency to avoid handing players expensive contracts. Therefore, if they give you an immense amount of money, you’re likely one of the best players in the league (a la Stephon Gilmore).

The NFL created compensatory picks to help the lower-level teams when a high-profile player would leave in free agency. In reality, teams like the Patriots continue to use the compensatory-pick game to dominate the NFL.