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Antonio Brown offers to award first TD ball with New England to fans

Patriots, Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is for the people (not the New England Patriots). After his release from the Patriots, the wide receiver decided to share his memorabilia from his lone game with New England; the ball he caught a touchdown from Tom Brady on Sunday.

On Instagram, Brown posted a picture of the football with a caption that read: “One lucky fan can win this comment below.” In four minutes, it reached 10,697 comments; you can call that boomin’.

Why wouldn’t that picture blow up? Antonio Brown has caught just one touchdown from Tom Brady, after his release, that looks like the only one. Of course everybody wants the ball — I’ve already commented multiple times.

So why is there only one Brady to Brown touchdown ball in existence? See, since Brown’s signing with the Patriots less than two weeks before his release, he’s seen a rape allegation filed his way, then sexual misconduct accusations, Nike ending their relationship and, finally, an accusation of Brown sending a woman intimidating messages, including pictures of her child.

Brown’s one touchdown catch is a blip on the radar for his monumentally disastrous, confusing and flat-out baffling offseason that includes: forcing his way out of both Pittsburgh and Oakland, earning — at the time — the biggest NFL wide receiver contract, then getting it voided, fighting with a general manager, multiple lawsuits, freezing his feet, threatening to retire over a helmet and, of course, playing with the Patriots for one week.

With all things considered, getting a touchdown ball from Brown’s one game as a Patriot is the ultimate piece of folklore memorabilia; but will it be remembered in twenty years? Yes.