Patriots news: Bill Belichick becomes third NFL coach with 300 wins after New England's victory vs. Browns
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Bill Belichick becomes third NFL coach with 300 wins after New England’s victory vs. Browns

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It took a while for Bill Belichick, but the New England Patriots head coach finally achieved one of the toughest tasks in the entire NFL: win 300 career games as a head coach.

The Cleveland Browns did everything they can to delay their former head coach’s achievements, but the game was nothing more than a formality due to the differing skill levels between the two.

NFL Research celebrated Belichick’s achievement and reminded football fans just how difficult of a feat getting 300 wins is.

The fact that only two Hall of Fame coaches managed to do what he did is a testament to his abilities and longevity as a coach in one of the toughest leagues in the world. He started coaching the Patriots since 2000 and has not relinquished his position at the top not even once.

He’s built an impressive legacy with Tom Brady that New England fans will remember forever. His six Super Bowl wins are proof of his genius and ability to find outstanding talent time and time again.

Belichick took the time to reflect on how his career has been so far after winning Game #300. Per 98.5 The Sports Hub:

“Fortunately, I didn’t play in any of those games,” Belichick, whose team is off to an 8-0 start for the third time in his tenure, cracked. “That’s a good thing for us, but I’ve had a lot of good players, a lot of great players and they’re the ones that win the games. I’ve had a lot of great assistant coaches on my staff through the wins at Cleveland and certainly here. I was a part of those but, honestly, players win games in this league and I’ve been fortunate that I’ve coached a lot of great ones.”

Pats fans hope that he keeps this mentality and lead them to 300 more victories in the National Football League.