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Patriots coach Bill Belichick deflects questions on Donald Trump, kneeling for the national anthem

Bill Belichick, Patriots

President Donald Trump’s recent actions involving the NFL has created a lot of controversy around the league and in professional sports for that matter. Along with a new set of rules for the national anthem being put in place by the NFL, Trump has rescinded an invitation to the White House to the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

With Trump’s decision sparking a lot of heated reactions, especially from Eagles players and NBA superstars currently battling it out in the NBA Finals, head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots was bound to field questions about the controversial decision. Belichick, on the first day of Patriots minicamp, gave a predictable answer to question about Trump and kneeling for the national anthem on Tuesday, via TMZ Sports.

“We’re focused on what we’re doing,” Belichick said about Eagles being snubbed for White House visit. “We’re focused on what we’re doing today. We’re trying to have a good day.”

After being asked about the Eagles, kneeling for the national anthem and the new rules that have been put in place by the NFL was the next question directed at the future Hall of Famer.

“I don’t think we’re doing that today,” Belichick said with a smile. “We’re in OTAs. We’re focused on today. We’re focused on having a good practice today. That’s what we’re out here for. That’s what we’re going to concentrate on.”

Clearly, as per usual, Belichick wants to no part of any questions about Trump or the controversy swirling about the new national anthem policy in the NFL. That stance is unlikely to change with the Patriots leader on the sideline as stoic as ever.