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Patriots coach Bill Belichick explains how media and reporters can sometimes ‘cross the line’

Patriots news: Bill Belichick explains how media and reporters can sometimes 'cross the line'

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been around for a pretty long time. He’s won a whole lot of games and is often regarded as one of the best to ever do it.

With that in mind, there isn’t much Belichick hasn’t seen. That includes times when he believes the media and reporters have crossed the line. According to Ryan Hannable of WEEI.radio.com Belichick explained exactly how they do that on WEEI radio show “Ordway, Merloni & Fauria.”

“Things are a lot different than they were at a different point in time. It is what it is,” Belichick said, via WEEI.com. ” … Everybody is trying to do the best they can. I think there are times when — I think when it gets personal, I think that is crossing the line.

“You can think whatever you want about my coaching — good, bad, I have heard all of it. That is your opinion and I have no problem with that. I think when it gets personal with players and other people within the organization, I don’t think that is where it belongs, but I don’t have any control over that. Whatever it is, it is. I just try and do the best I can for our football team.”

Belichick is a Hall of Fame coach. That’s one of the most obvious statements of all-time. What he’s done with the Patriots franchise is unrivaled.

That doesn’t mean he’s immune to criticism though. He’s been around long enough that he’s faced all times of media attacks. Therefore, it’s no surprise he’s got an answer for how the media crosses the line. It’s also no surprise that his personal feelings towards is are basically, “there’s nothing I can do but win games.” Legend.