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Patriots coach Bill Belichick praises the Steelers

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who is most known to not say much in the way of anything, has plenty of nice words for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course, these words are coming prior to the two teams facing off, which might make you feel somewhat skeptical about the entire thing.

“The more I’ve watched the Steelers this week, the more impressed I am,” Belichick told reporters on Friday, via PFT. “The way they play, they’re really well-coached, they’ve had so many end-of-the-game, end-of-the-half situations that they’re very productive and efficient with, and coach [Mike] Tomlin does a great job with the clock management, with the play selection — just doing the right plays in the right situations and executing them well.

“They’ve played well on defense, on offense and in the kicking game, made a lot of critical plays. They do a really good job in that area, and that’s translated into a number of wins for them. So, along with all the other things that they do well, that’s pretty impressive, too. You need to play a good, 60-minute, complete football game, all three phases, to be competitive with these guys. They’re good at everything.”

Listen, the Steelers are a good team. There’s no denying that. That all being said, how come a coach never says positive stuff about a team they aren’t playing? I know we are supposed to buy into the “one week at a time” trope, but bluh.

Furthermore, let’s start getting coaches to say negative things prior to big games. Let’s turn the NFL into the WWE.