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Cam Newton responds to critics of his Patriots contract

The New England Patriots made a surprise move recently, by signing free agent quarterback Cam Newton.

However, what might have been even more surprising was the amount of money the contract is worth.

Newton signed a one-year deal with the Patriots worth only the veteran minimum for someone that has played as long as him, $1.05 million. Only $550,000 of that is guaranteed.

While there are incentives added on to the contract that can yield Newton up to $7.5 million, he may or may not earn them. What we do know for now is that the quarterback’s contract is one of the cheapest in the league, especially for someone expected to be the Patriots starter in 2020.

Given these contract details, it is no surprise there has been a lot of criticism about the deal and questions linger about why Newton would agree to such a low figure give his history in the league.

The quarterback took to Instagram to try shut that down with a simple message.

Newton notes that money does not buy respect and that he signed with the Patriots to earn respect not a huge payday. He apparently wanted to sign with a team that would take him seriously and give him a shot to start.

There is no reason to believe that Newton cannot find his MVP form again and help get the Patriots back to the Super Bowl in spite of Tom Brady’s departure. And if he does bounce back in 2020, New England — or some other team — will likely come calling with a more lucrative offer for Newton next year.