Patriots news: Cam Newton says joining New England is 'surreal'
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Cam Newton says joining Patriots is a ‘surreal moment’

Cam Newton, Patriots

Although the New England Patriots generated some hype by signing Cam Newton as Tom Brady’s successor under center this offseason, there is some concern regarding his fit into head coach Bill Belichick’s system. Fortunately, it appears he has gotten off to a promising start with training camp in full swing.

According to Zack Cox of NESN Newton is admittedly still getting used to the fact that he is now part of the Patriots organization:

“I’m still constantly in — I don’t want to say disbelief at this point in time, but it’s just a surreal moment,” the quarterback said.

“Nobody really knows how excited I am just to be a part of this organization, in (more) ways than one. Just following up such a powerful dynasty that is enriched in so much prestige, lineage and success that a lot of people would hide from the notion to do certain things.”

“But to me, man, I think this opportunity is something I wake up pinching myself each and every day, and it’s so surreal coming down One Patriot Place each and every day and seeing the whole ambiance. And not only that but seeing so much support around the city of Boston, Foxboro. It’s just such a great environment, not only for myself but (other) players included. “It’s just crazy. I just found myself putting on (Patriots) shirts — that’s like, ‘Oh my God.’ I don’t know when that moment’s going to be, but I’m just going to keep doing what I’m supposed to do while I’m a member of the Patriots so that sooner or later, it will click that this is the norm.”

Newton’s comments are certainly understandable considering he had become a fixture in the Carolina Panthers franchise for nearly the last decade. It is safe to say that many fans that are also still wrapping their heads his arrival in New England.

Despite Newton’s elite resume, he still has some rather big shoes to fill with Brady’s departure this offseason. His task has been made even more difficult by the league-high number of players that have opted out of the 2020 NFL season for the Patriots due to concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Regardless, Newton’s comments indicate that he is optimistic about a potential resurgence in New England after an unceremonious departure from Carolina that was followed up by a prolonged stay on the free agent market. The onus will now fall on him to not be too overwhelmed by the changes and get back to his roots as a former NFL MVP.