Patriots news: Cam Newton's Twitter posts valued at insane dollar amount
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Patriots’ Cam Newton’s Twitter posts valued at insane dollar amount

Cam Newton, Patriots

Cam Newton is going to be playing for a fairly cheap price in his debut season with the New England Patriots. However, the former All-Pro quarterback has other means of making money. While he doesn’t post much, Newton’s Twitter posts are valued at an impressive amount.

Opendorse, a firm that specializes in athlete marketing, pays close attention to athletes’ social media posts. According to Opendorse, one Twitter post from Newton is valued at $29,000. Seeing that Twitter allows a total of 140 characters, that could be $207.14 per character for the Patriots quarterback.

Ever since he joined the Carolina Panthers in 2011, Newton has been known for the peculiar font he uses on social media. He also uses the interesting font even when he’s texting teammates or friends. To view the font he uses, you can take a look at his most recent post on Instagram.

After waiting months to sign with a new team this offseason, Newton agreed to a one-year deal with the Patriots. Due to his recent injury concerns, Newton’s one-year deal with New England is laden with incentives.

The former NFL MVP is set to make just $1.05 million in base salary next season. Altogether, including the incentives, the veteran QB could earn up to $7.5 million if the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

Throughout his nine seasons with the Panthers, Newton garnered over $121 million in career earnings. If you add what he makes on each of his social media posts, it’s safe to say that Newton is doing just fine for himself when it comes to his finances.