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Could Le’Veon Bell end up with Patriots? NFL Twitter is calling it

LeVeon Bell, Patriots, Bill Belichick, Cam Newton

With the New York Jets recently releasing running back Le’Veon Bell, rumors have been rife as to his next team. The experts of Twitter have spoken, and the greater majority believe that the 28-year-old is now well on his way to the New England Patriots.

Here are several tweets that were rounded up by Adam London of NESN:

I guess that’s a done deal now that the mean streets of Twitter have spoken.

All jokes aside, though, Bell joining the Patriots would be an undeniably mouthwatering prospect — for New England fans at least. Bell playing alongside superstar quarterback Cam Newton would be a sight to behold, and despite the fact that Bell is not exactly a spring chicken at this point in his career, he still has a lot of gas left in the tank. Newton, who previously tested positive for COVID-19, is expected to return to the team after self-quarantining, so should these rumors be true, a Newton-Bell pairing might be able to take the field together sooner rather than later.

The Patriots have yet to make a move on Bell, however, and it remains unclear if they have any intentions of doing so. Bell did not exactly end things well with the Jets, which might be one of the reasons why some teams are not jumping on the opportunity to sign the 6-foot-1 RB. Then again, you don’t get an chance to pluck a talent such as Bell from free agency everyday, so despite the potential drawbacks, he should have no problems finding his new team.