Patriots news: Jonathan Jones says communication key for the secondary
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Patriots CB Jonathan Jones reveals communication is key for the secondary this offseason

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New England Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones knows that communication is key for the secondary, especially during this unusual offseason.

Jones, per Andrew Callahan of The Boston Herald, said at the start of every offseason they open with the beginning of the playbook and go over everything again just to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

“It’s to have everyone on the same mental plane as far as communication, [and] refreshing that … I mean, even for the veteran guys, just hearing some of those terminologies over and over again, and starting from scratch. I think that’s something we kind of do every year. We don’t assume that everyone knows anything, so we start on the playbook from page one.”

Jones was formerly an undrafted free agent so he knows how important it is for every young player to be ready. Their chance could come at any time:

“For the young guys, I definitely say you never know when the opportunity is going to come, so you must be prepared whatever it may be … It may be a special teams role for a year and that might not be your own personal goals, but you have to stay the course and improve. Improvement is also key. From day to day, that’s extremely important just to improve.”

There has always been a lot of pressure on the Patriots‘ defense, but with Tom Brady gone and questions with the offense mounting, there is even more reason why that side of the ball, and the secondary in particular, needs to step up.

The hope is that communication, first and foremost, can be the first step to get the Patriots back to the playoffs, or at least for the defense to be in sync ahead of the regular season.