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Former Patriots’ star Julian Edelman throws savage shade at Jimmy Garoppolo

Patriots, Julian Edelman, Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo’s name has been all over the news during the NFL offseason. Trade rumors have swirled around the 49ers quarterback, who seems to be the odd man out in San Francisco. However, Garoppolo’s name was in headlines once again recently due to a different reason. His former teammate Julian Edelman was asked about an incident involving Garoppolo during their time on the New England Patriots together in 2016 on the “I Am Athlete” podcast.

Edelman was asked to read a card that had a quote from former Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett on it. The quote from Bennett called out Jimmy Garoppolo for opting not to play in in Week 4 of the 2016 campaign. 

“You can’t win with a b**ch for a quarterback,” Bennett said.

Julian Edelman took a moment and then responded to the comments on Jimmy Garoppolo. 

“A lot of guys got mad about that. I’m not gonna lie, I got mad about that,” Edelman said. “You know, I sacrificed my body all day long… I can understand why Marty (Martellus Bennett) thinks like that.”

2016 would ultimately be Garoppolo’s final season with the Patriots. He would join the San Francisco 49ers in 2017 where he faced lofty expectations. His performance has been decent in San Francisco… but he has not lived up to the sky high expectations which were set before him with the 49ers.

Julian Edelman is remembered as one of the better Patriots receivers to play in the league. He was lethal out of the slot in a Wes Welker type of role. Edelman was one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets in New England as well.

It will be interesting to see if Garoppolo responds to Edelman’s remarks.