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Martellus Bennett on why Patriots coach Bill Belichick calls out Tom Brady so much

Martellus Bennett, Tom Brady, Patriots

There has been much made about New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and their relationship, but if what Martellus Bennett says is true, maybe there really isn’t a rift between the two at all.

Bennett appeared on FS1’s First Things First and said that the two sometimes do go after each other, but Belichick always seems to be calculated when he goes after Brady, and he is doing it to try and get the most out of him.

“Bill always has bad plays of the day and he’s just calling out Tom,” Bennett said. “You know, like, ‘We have quarterbacks that can’t make throws.’ . . . I’ve never seen coaches really call the quarterbacks out in group meetings.”

Bennett said that most times when Brady was called out he would come out the next day in practice and light up the defense.

“The next day we go 33-for-33 or something like that at practice and from then I was just like, ‘Oh, we’re gonna be great.’ Because I’ve never seen anyone that didn’t shut down. He was like, ‘All right, I’m gonna show you tomorrow.’ He just picked them apart,” Bennett recalled.

According to Bennett, it’s not just Brady that gets called out, although he gets the most attention. Belichick will call out any player at any time for anything, it doesn’t matter who it is.

“I find Bill to be hilarious, but he calls everybody out. That’s the first team I’ve been on where I felt everyone was equal,” Bennett said.