Patriots news: McCourty Twins speak out on NFL preseason issue
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McCourty Twins speak out on possibility of reducing or eliminating preseason games

Patriots, Devin McCourty, Jason McCourty

New England Patriots stars Devin McCourty and Jason McCourty shed some light on all the discussions surrounding the NFL preseason games.

In their “Double Coverage” podcast (per Mike Reiss on Twitter), the McCourty twins shared their own perspective about how many preseason games should be played, if any.

Though their respective takes are quite similar, the two Patriots are taking two different routes with regards to the topic.

“Does it matter? We have to first figure out ‘How do we get back in the locker room?’,” Devin said about how many preseason games should be played. “All that stuff will work itself out. All that stuff matters if the first phase of us being back in training camp is going well. If that doesn’t go well, then there is no anything.”

In relation to his brother’s stance, Jason explained that there is still a lot of value in these preseason games. He feels that although these tune-up matches are rather overlooked, it’s still an important time for a lot of players to get their footing and to hopefully impress their coaches.

“Whenever you see those types of games taken away, it hurts, because that’s the way guys make the team they’re on,” the Patriots cornerback. explained “But like you said, at this point, it’s just like what is the safest way to get back on the field and to actually have a season? If that means we’re reducing preseason, whatever the case is, obviously we have to do what we need to do.”

The McCourty twins are looking to play their third season together with the Patriots in the upcoming 2020 NFL Season. But, as the two mentioned, there are still a lot of questions and possibilities that surround whether or not the season will actually kick off as planned.