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Patriots barely edge out Giants for second most valuable NFL franchise, per Forbes

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In a year that saw a lot of changes in the team’s lineup, one thing hasn’t changed about the New England Patriots: they are still the second-most valuable NFL franchise and one of the most valuable in the world. 

In Forbes 23rd Annual NFL Team Evaluations released ahead of the 2020 season, starting on Thursday night, the Patriots remained the league’s second-most valuable team after the Dallas Cowboys, with a value of $4.4 billion. But the Patriots have some competition in the New York Giants, the third-most valuable franchise in the NFL, which the report assessed as with $4.3 million. 

The Patriots, which have a $250 million operating income, had a seven percent change from last year, when the franchise owned by Robert Kraft was valued at $4.1 billion and had a $240 million operating income. 

The Giants, which are owned by John Mara and Steven Tisch, now join the Patriots and Cowboys as the NFL teams which are all worth at least $4 billion, a list that also includes the Los Angeles Rams, the league’s fourth-most valuable franchise. New York, which has a $168 million operating income, had a 10 percent change from last year’s report, when it was valued at $3.9 million and had a $142 million operating income. 

The increase in revenue wasn’t just limited to the league’s most valuable teams, with same report stating that the 32 teams generated a record average profit of $109 million last season, an increase of seven percent from 2018. An NFL team, on average, is now worth $3.05 billion, which also marked a seven percent increase from the previous year. 

That trend isn’t likely to stop soon, in spite of an ongoing pandemic, according to Forbes’ Mike Ozanian, who said that “despite the possibility of the league breaking even this season, the NFL’s profitability will resume its climb next year due to its salary cap and new media deals that will kick off in 2023.”

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