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No Ndamukong Suh visit to Patriots in the works as of right now

The New England Patriots have been known to take in players with questionable attitudes in the past. So when the rumors began to float around that defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh may be paying a visit to Foxborough, it wasn’t exactly shocking.

But as it turns out, Suh will not be visiting the Patriots—for now.

It would have been a little shocking if he had simply because the Patriots are not going to want to pay the price it will take to sign him. However, they have managed to underpay Tom Brady for years. Many players have taken less on a one-year deal with the Patriots.

Why not Suh?

After all, they are as close as it gets to a sure thing when it comes to Super Bowl contenders.

With the trouble the Patriots had stopping the run last year, a big body like Suh would be great to have on the line. But unless he is willing to take a massive pay cut, it will likely not happen.

Since being released by the Miami Dolphins, he has taken visits with the New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans. He is scheduled to see the Los Angeles Rams next.

Signing with the Rams would be a surprise move. The Rams are going to need to pay Aaron Donald. It is hard to see them spending a fortune on two defensive tackles. It is just as hard to see either take less money so the team could sign both.