Patriots news: Tom Brady asked question alludingto Jimmy Garoppolo motivating him to be better
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Patriots QB Tom Brady asked question alluding to Jimmy Garoppolo motivating him to be better

Tom Brady

When the New England Patriots drafted Jimmy Garoppolo, it raised some questions if Tom Brady’s time with the team was nearing an end. It also helped improve his play on the field, at least in terms of the stats. Brady’s numbers were starting to drop before the team drafted Garoppolo, but after he was in the locker room Brady’s numbers shot up ending with a passer rating of 122.2 in 2016.

This year with Brian Hoyer as his backup his numbers have dropped and his passer rating is sitting at 94.7. At least one reporter was wondering if having a younger backup quarterback motivated and helped his play and asked Brady about the idea.

“I haven’t thought about that particular subject,” Brady said via 24/7 Sports. “We always have quarterbacks. At one point I was young and I had some older guys and now I’ve gotten to be the older guy and there’s some young guys. So I think there’s always just a healthy balance.”

It’s an interesting idea that maybe Brady is a bit more motivated, but Brady is a competitor so it’s hard to imagine the backup quarterback really has much to do with his passer rating going up or down. Brady’s 94.7 rating this year is still good. Outside of that rating, Brady has thrown for 2748 yards, 17 touchdowns, and seven interceptions.

He has led the Patriots to a 7-3 record and they have a nice cushion in the AFC East. The team is enjoying a bye week this week before going on the road next Sunday to take on the Jets.