Patriots news: Rob Gronkowski claims brain is healed after 20 concussions
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Ex-Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski claims brain is ‘fixed’ after 20 concussions

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New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski made headlines recently when he revealed that he had around 20 concussions during his NFL career and at least five “blackout” concussions.

But Gronk has followed that up by claiming that CTE and other brain injuries are “fixable” — and that his have been fixed.

Gronk said this in response to CTE researcher Chris Nowinski, who tweeted that “CTE cannot be fixed.” But the former Patriots tight end countered that there are several methods to fix severe brain injuries, which is why he would allow his son to play football.

With all due respect to Gronk, who’s among the greatest tight ends ever to play in the NFL, but he probably isn’t the most reliable source of information when it comes to scientific matters, especially with respect to how the human brain works.

Nowinski — who is a PhD and has spent years studying up on the topic — likely knows a little bit more about the brain than a former NFL player who had his rocked for the better part of a decade.

Since Gronkowski is already retired, he has all the time in the world to read up on the latest research on the subject of brain trauma. Maybe then he could become more educated on the matter and make more informed statements.

But the sad reality is that after 20 concussions, Gronk’s brain might not be up to that task despite his claims that all of his brain injuries over the years have been “fixed.”