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Rob Gronkowski details why he didn’t return with New England

Rob Gronkowski Buccaneers Patriots

Rob Gronkowski shocked the football world in 2019 when he announced his retirement at just 29 years of age. Little did everyone know that Gronkowski will return back to action but this time, he wouldn’t be donning the New England Patriots uniform. He detailed his reason on why he chose not to return to the team he became known for.

Per WEEI 93.7 FM, Rob Gronkowski said that he’s always been curious about what it’s like to play somewhere else. This has been lingering on his mind before stepping foot in the NFL and after retiring. This curiosity was satisfied when an opportunity popped up by way of the Tambay Bay Buccaneers securing the Tom Brady’s signing.

“No, no that actually was really never the case,” he said. “As a player, you always want to see what it’s like somewhere else. [I] thought of that before definitely after playing nine years in the NFL and also thought about it when I came out of retirement. This is an opportunity to go see what it’s like somewhere else, to go see what it’s like in the NFL on another squad. There’s so many players that bounce around on so many different teams. I loved my time in New England, no doubt about it. But it was another opportunity that presented.

Gronkowski noted that contrary to what some fans believe, he and Brady never discussed anything behind the curtains.

But no, we never really ever talked about that before. It kind of just happened. [With] my retirement and him hitting free agency, it kind of just lined up like that.”

From the looks of it, Gronk is very happy where he’s at. Buccaneers fans, too, have every reason to be the happiest football die-hards in the world this year.