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Shannon Sharpe expects Antonio Brown to eventually wear out his welcome with Patriots

Shannon Sharpe, Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is now a member of the New England Patriots, and while the drama surrounding him and the Oakland Raiders is over, not everyone is convinced Brown will change so quickly. One of those people, former NFL player and Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, spoke about his issues with Brown during Monday’s episode of Undisputed on FOX Sports.

Sharpe’s main issue with Brown is that he simply isn’t sure if Brown will truly adapt to the infamous Patriots Way. The Patriots are known to not really accept any antics or off the field issues from their players, and Antonio Brown will likely have to be on his best behavior with the team.

While many believe that he will be, considering how good of a situation he’s currently in, Sharpe doesn’t believe so.

“Antonio Brown can make the Patriots better just by his presence…But I don’t trust him. I believe at some point in time Antonio Brown will be Antonio Brown and coach Belichick will have to send him on his way,” Sharpe said on the show.

While Brown’s issues in Pittsburgh and Oakland certainly show a trend, it wouldn’t be too shocking to see Brown flourish in New England, especially after the team invested $9 million in guaranteed money to him.

While only time will tell if Brown overstays his welcome in New England, signs point to him at least attempting to change. According to his agent, Brown is willing to conform to the Patriot Way, especially if it means being on a team that has very strong odds to win another Super Bowl.

If Brown can get through the season with New England, he’ll also be in for another big payday, which would be huge for the superstar.