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Tom Brady credits ability to safely run QB sneaks to ‘pliability’

Tom Brady

Tom Brady continues to amaze New England Patriots fans and anger a lot more with his continued dominance at 42. In spite of his unrivaled passing ability, he’s shown that he can scramble and score points by tucking the football in his arms and running to the end zone.

The six-time Super Bowl champion made history against the New York Giants when he became the oldest player to score multiple rushing touchdowns. He talked about why he’s become so successful at running the QB sneak as much as he is inside the pocket.

Per Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio:

“Pliability, man,” Brady told reporters on Saturday. “That’s what I work on every day.”

“I’m just trying to get the first down,” Brady said. “If that’s what it’s got to be, I try to get as many yards as I can, so I try to go to the soft spot of the defense and — yeah, try to get as many as I can.”

He said that his pliability is the reason why he doesn’t suffer the gruesome dislocation Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes suffered against the Denver Broncos last Thursday. However, he clarified that this is not a knock on Mahomes’ ability to stay healthy. He says players get hurt in football all the time, and he’s just fortunate to not have suffered one.

Brady has made three rushing touchdowns this season, and his tally’s more than some of the league’s most electrifying running backs this season. Of course, there’s plenty of football left to play, but it’s fascinating to think that Brady has scored this many rushing TDs at this point of his career.