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Tom Brady claims teammates never gave him flack for Donald Trump friendship

Former New England Patriots Tom Brady was never shy about his friendship with Donald Trump, but he claims he never received flack from his teammates. In an interview on the Howard Stern show, Brady said his teammates knew exactly the type of guy he was, and his friendship with Trump didn’t have any impact on that.

Tom Brady said even though he is friends with Donald Trump, he didn’t feel comfortable giving a speech at the Republican national convention because that was going too far into politics.

“I wasn’t going to do anything political,” the former Patriots QB said, via NJ.com. “He always had a way of connecting with people and still does. Then the whole political aspect came.

“I think I got brought into a lot of those things because it was so polarizing around the election time. It was uncomfortable for me, because you can’t undo things. Not that I would undo a friendship. But the political support is totally different than the support of a friend.”

The ex-Patriots gunslinger said especially in locker rooms whenever politics start getting brought up, there always is a divide, so with Trump, it was never about the politics, always about the friendship that started way before he was running for president.

“Leadership, responsibility is about embracing the whole and trying to bring people together to lead them to a common goal.”

Tom Brady still receives some flack for his support of Donald Trump, but everyone around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers seems to be happy to have the future Hall of Famer on their team.