Patriots news: Tom Brady is 'definitely the GOAT' says Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
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Patriots’ Tom Brady is ‘definitely the GOAT’ says Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

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Throughout his days in the NFL, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has used the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) name loosely. However, he needs to make one thing known: There is only one GOAT of GOATs, he plays quarterback for the New England Patriots. Not Cody Kessler or Jarret Stidham, it’s Tom Brady.

Tom Brady [is] definitely the one at the top. Definitely, definitely. He’s got six Super Bowls,” said Jackson on Thursday, via Daniel Oyefusi of the Baltimore Sun.

Jackson has not shied away from praising other quarterbacks in the NFL. Nor has he withheld praising Brady, because he is the quarterback he wants to emulate, in terms of continuous success.

“He’s just so cool,” Jackson said. “In the pocket, he drops back, he looks so smooth, like he’s not even dropping [back]. It looks like he really just standing there, just waiting [for] stuff to happen, just [picking] the defense apart. [He is] a great quarterback, man.”

Jackson will get to duke it out with Brady and the Patriots on Sunday. He hopes to knock him off of his undefeated pedestal. However, he downplays the matchup, as it would be his defense facing Brady.

“I’m not going against Brady, because I’m not playing against him, actually,” Jackson said. “The defense is. But to get a win versus him, it’d be pretty cool. So I’m going in there, trying to win.”

Like Brady, Jackson has found early success in the NFL. Defeating the currently undefeated GOAT on Sunday would top that off.