Patriots news: Tom Brady says 'hell no' when asked about future coaching
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Patriots QB Tom Brady says ‘hell no’ when asked about future coaching

Tom Brady, Patriots

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is one of the greatest of all-time. There’s really no debating that at this point. When it’s all said and done, there will likely be a lot more people claiming he is the GOAT than not.

Not only is Brady a great talent, he’s someone that is seen as a leader and extremely intelligent player. There is a reason quarterbacks that played under him are so highly touted. Feeding off his knowledge and getting to learn under Brady (and head coach Bill Belichick) can do wonders for a younger quarterback’s development.

However, that doesn’t mean it will translate to his career after quarterbacking. According to Nick Goss of, Tom Brady has no interest in coaching after football.

In fact, he apparently feels pretty strongly about it. In response to a question about coaching in the future, he hit them with a “Oh Hell no, I’m never coaching” response.

That doesn’t sound like someone that will change their mind, but you also never know. It’s probably a lot easier to say you won’t want to coach while you’re still playing simply because of that – you’re still playing. Once you retire though, suddenly you aren’t around the game 24/7. You have a much bigger chance of actually missing the game, and could very easily get sucked back in.

For now, Tom Brady has no interest in coaching after his playing days are over. The Patriots’ quarterback is very adamant about that. However, let’s revisit this in a few years and see how right (or wrong) this statement was.