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Patriots’ Stephon Gilmore on how to stop Russell Wilson

Stephon Gilmore, Russell Wilson, Patriots

The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks square off in Week 2 for a “Sunday Night Football” matchup.

These two teams are slightly familiar with each other, and we’ll get to see a lot of interesting battles. One of which is the New England defense trying to stop quarterback Russell Wilson.

How exactly do you do that though? According to Michael Giardi of NFL Network, star cornerback Stephon Gilmore outlines a game plan.

For years, Wilson has been considered one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL. It’s been nearly impossible to stop him. So this is about as good of a game plan as you can get.

If you noticed, Gilmore does not exactly have some master plan to make Wilson look bad. His whole idea is based around doing what you can to slow him down, and at multiple points, the cornerback is very complimentary of the quarterback.

Gilmore talks about Wilson’s ability to get away from pressure and to throw balls where only the receiver can get them. There really is not much of a way to “stop” that. What you can do though, is make life as difficult as possible for Wilson.

That includes great technique and staying glued to the wide receivers. This will severely limit the window that Wilson can throw into in order to get the ball to only the receiver.

Finally, Gilmore states that it will have to be a team effort—and that is certainly true. No one player is going to be enough to stop Wilson from hurting a defense. There will need to be good pass rush and good coverage.

At the same time, you’ll need to limit the run, because if that opens up, the defense will need to worry more about it and that only makes things easier for Wilson. If you give him an opening, he’s going to take it.

Gilmore has a plan to slow down Wilson on Sunday. Now the Patriots just need to work together to beat the Seahawks and their star quarterback.