Patriots WR Julian Edelman tells neat Bill Belichick draft day anecdote
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Patriots WR Julian Edelman tells neat Bill Belichick draft day anecdote

Julian Edelman, Tom Brady

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman used to play quarterback in college for Kent State. Having hindsight at our back, we now know that Bill Belichick used a seventh-round draft pick to select him, then changing his position to receiver.

How that all came about is actually interesting and something Julian Edelman disccuses in his memoir. Here, by way of Sports Illustrated (I highly recommend you read the entire thing), is an excerpt of the receiver’s draft day and introduction to Bill Belichick:

Then I get a call from a private number. It was Berj Najarian, the director of football and head coach administration for the Patriots. He said, “I wanted to call and let you know we have selected you in the seventh round, pick 232. Here’s Bill Belichick.”

I walked out the door to get some quiet because everyone was asking, “Who is it? Who is it?”

I’m like, “Yo, be quiet!” I was nervous. I got outside and Coach Belichick gets on the phone and goes, “Hey, this is Coach Belichick. We are going to draft you. We really don’t know what you are going to play but we know you can play football. Nancy Meier [the Patriots’ director of scouting administration] will call you tonight to get you situated. Have a good one.”

Have a good one? Yeah. That seems about right.

The rest is obviously history (still in the making). Edelman has become one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets, has been a key member of the roster for years at this point, and has adjusted to the receiver position just fine.

He has, in fact, had a good one.