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Paul George, Daniela Rajic

Paul George’s fiancee: Daniela Rajic

Paul George is a seven-time NBA All-Star and the second piece to the Los Angeles Clippers’ superstar duo alongside Kawhi Leonard. Off the court, he’s also winning with two beautiful kids and a partner. In this post, we’re looking at Paul George’s fiancee: Daniela Rajic.

Paul George’s Fiancee: Daniela Rajic

Paul George's fiancee Daniela Rajic

Rajic was born in Queens, New York on Nov. 12, 1990. She is American, but her parents are both of Serbian descent, hence the Eastern European name. She has one sibling named Kristina. After high school, the now-30-year-old decided to move down to Florida and study at the University of Miami. As a part-time gig to make money while in school, Rajic got a couple of jobs at strip clubs. She eventually got employed at Tootsies, one of the most popular strip joints in the United States. That’s where it all started.

While it was a frequent hangout for many celebrities and athletes alike, she eventually met Paul George at Tootsies in the summer of 2013. They immediately hit it off and have been dating since, with the couple getting engaged last November in front of a breathtaking view.

However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Just a year into their relationship, Rajic was pregnant in 2014 with what would be their first child. She ended up filing a lawsuit against PG after he offered her $1 million to have an abortion. She obviously denied it and had the kid, with George later claiming he would only take responsibility for the newborn if they did paternity tests. The former Pacers star was deemed the father.

He then filed a lawsuit against Daniela Rajic to get full custody of young Olivia, which failed. There was a period where the couple wasn’t speaking, but they ultimately figured things out and are happy together now. Rajic gave birth to their youngest, Natasha, in 2017. Olivia was born in New York City, while the latter was born in Oklahoma City, where George was playing with the Thunder at the time.


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Rujic’s days of stripping are long behind her. She now runs a swimsuit business called NUDESWIM with Sarah Nasser, who is ex-Clipper Patrick Patterson’s wife. They launched the bikini line in 2019. Rujic is also an Instagram model, where she has a total of 221,000 followers on the app.

Prior to Rajic, Paul George was dating his former coach Doc Rivers’ daughter, Callie Rivers. He allegedly cheated on Rivers with his fiancee, but Callie is now happily married to Seth Curry, who played basketball with her brother Austin Rivers at Duke.

George actually had a very tough time being away from Rajic and his daughters while playing for the Clippers in the Orlando bubble last season. He was criticized heavily for his lack of dominance in the playoffs, but being alone clearly played a part. In an interview with TNT, George spoke out on the mental battles he was dealing with:

“I underestimated mental health, honestly. I had anxiety. A little bit of depression. Just being locked in here. I wasn’t there. I checked out,” George explained.

Paul George and Daniela Rajic have hit some rough paths. But every relationship will go through its ups and downs. What’s most important now is the happiness of the two together. While it’s not yet known when the couple will tie the knot, it shouldn’t be too long down the road.

George and Rajic may have met in an odd place, but they have a beautiful family and a nice life together.

There it is. That’s all you need to know about Paul George’s fiancee, Daniela Rajic.