After 15 seasons in the NBA, we may soon be without The Truth. That's right, Paul Pierce is considering retirement.

The veteran forward recently spoke with Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe about the future of his NBA career, saying that he will soon make a decision on retirement.

For the current Clippers player, the decision will come down to whether or not he's prepared mentally to poise himself for another long season:

“Really, it's all about how I feel mentally, getting up and I'm thinking about the grind. Really, it's all about how I feel mentally, getting up and I'm thinking about the grind.”

Another factor for Pierce is how he would fit in the Clippers' rotation:

“A lot has got to do with my role I'm going to play. To come back and sit 82 games, I don't know if I can do that.”

Pierce also noted that his family will undoubtedly make a huge impact on the decision, and if he does decide to play again, it will only be for one more season:

“Well, we always say it's 51-49. I get 51 percent of the vote and the rest of (the family) gets 49. (My wife's) input carried a lot of weight. We'll figure out some things. I know I don't want to be sitting at home, whatever I do, regardless. If I come back, it will be for one more (season) and that will be it. No doubt.”

Last season, Pierce played in 68 games for the Clippers, but only averaged 6.1 points and 2.7 rebounds on 18.1 minutes per game. The numbers amounted to the 10-time All-Star's worst statistical season of his career. His three-year, $10-million contract is good for two more years, but it seems that Los Angeles will only get one, if not zero, more years out of him.

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