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Anthony Davis still Pelicans persona non grata in New Orleans amid Hurricane Ida

Anthony Davis Pelicans Lakers ruffles chips

The moment Anthony Davis left the New Orleans Pelicans, his relationship with the franchise and its fanbase instantly became rocky.

During his first game back in Louisiana, Anthony Davis received a chorus of boos from fans still stung by his departure.

Clearly there’s been no love lost between Pelicans fans and their former franchise face Anthony Davis. With Hurricane Ida looming over New Orleans, one fan documented his trip to the supermarket.

The shelves were mostly empty with everyone stocking up on supplies as the storm approaches. But one product seemed to remain untouched even despite the tumultuous circumstances – Ruffles featuring Anthony Davis.

Either people in New Orleans aren’t huge on lime & jalapeño flavored Ruffles (unlikely), or fans are still salty over Anthony Davis spurning them for the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s probably the latter.

But AD probably has no regrets with the decision, given that it got him a ring and a place in the history books. Maybe one day he’s able to mend fences with the franchise that drafted him. But for the time being, the animosity will remain strong.

However, more importantly here’s to hoping Pelicans fans and citizens of Louisiana stay safe as Hurricane Ida approaches.