Pelicans news: Brandon Ingram calls New Orleans a 'better environment' than Lakers
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Brandon Ingram calls Pelicans a ‘better environment’ than Lakers

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Brandon Ingram has been lighting it up for the New Orleans Pelicans in his first few games donning the new jersey. He admitted that he’s in a better place now, tagging it as a ‘better environment’ than the Los Angeles Lakers.

Though Ingram likes his place now, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have respect for the Lakers — the team which drafted him as the second overall pick in 2016.

“I would say this is a better environment,” Ingram said, per Mark Medina of USA Today. “There are a lot of genuine people here that are pretty solid. No shame to the Lakers because they are a high-class organization. They do everything well and have a good fan base. But I like this spot.”

In the Pelicans’ first three games, Ingram has put up All-Star-caliber numbers. His performance has been raising analyst’s eyebrows. Some of them believe that this might be Ingram’s break out year.

For Ingram fans, this is definitely good news. It’s a great indication that Ingram has moved on from his relatively tumultuous stint with the Purple and Gold that was marred by tons of trade rumors and that blood clot injury that almost derailed his career.

Ingram is in the best position of his career to maximize his talents. And he’s doing a good job thus far while donning that Pelicans jersey. A uniform that he’s more than proud to don every game night.