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DeMarcus Cousins fires back at odds of him having burner account

DeMarcus Cousins

Earlier, Jeff Goodman of ESPN shared an interesting list of prop betting odds with regards to a number of NBA players and their corresponding probabilities of being exposed next as an operator of at least one social media burner account.

For those looking to lay money on any of those odds, here’s a pro tip: don’t punt on New Orleans Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins. This is according to Cousins himself. Well, sort of.

Replying directly to Goodman’s tweet, Cousins candidly assured everyone that he does not have a burner account nor the need to own one. Hey, there’s a reason why Boogie has among the longest odds to be caught using a fake account. While he’s an avid social media user (who isn’t, really?), Cousins just does not come across as a guy who’d hide behind a virtual curtain and a keyboard to say what he wants.

For someone who has gotten countless technical fouls on the basketball court, what’s there to not believe that he’ll walk to a guy, grab his collar, and tell him what’s on his mind? Cousins is among the realest players in the game today, so bet at your own risk.

DeMarcus Cousins also has a more serious matter at hand than managing a burner account. Set to hit free agency this summer, Boogie is likely in the process of contemplating where he’ll play next. Will he stay in New Orleans or will he bring his talents somewhere else?