Pelicans news: Kevin Garnett thinks process of Anthony Davis' trade request was 'unprofessional'
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Kevin Garnett thinks process of Anthony Davis’ trade request from Pelicans was ‘unprofessional’

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In the recent Anthony Davis trade talks there were a lot of things that seemed to go wrong. Former NBA star Kevin Garnett thinks that everything about it was unprofessional.

According to Garnett, it started with the agents and how they handled things, per Yahoo Sports.

“I don’t like the fact that the agents are dictating the whole move of this. Shout-out to Rich Paul, shout-out to Klutch and what they do, but this was a bit unprofessional, to be honest.” Garnett said.

There were a lot of things that went wrong. For one, many of the trade proposals got leaked during the process. The leaks were a result of the aforementioned Rich Paul, who represents both Davis and LeBron James. He wanted a deal done to get both of his stars in one place.

It also came out that Magic Johnson thought the Pelicans were not dealing with him in good faith. There was a lot that went wrong over the course of these trade talks.

The Pelicans were so upset with the handling of the issue, among other things, that Dell Demps was relieved of his duties as General Manager after the trade deadline.

Now, things are going to turn to free agency for Davis. The Lakers might try to get to him, but they won’t be alone. They will be joined by teams like the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, and potentially even the Los Angeles Clippers.

This trade request seemed different than any in past years, and Garnett is right, it was unprofessional. The agents seemed to be way too involved in the failed potential blockbuster deal.