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VIDEO: Pelicans’ Lonzo Ball trash talks Draymond Green after draining 3-pointer

Pelicans, Lonzo Ball, Draymond Green

New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball was feeling himself on Tuesday against the Golden State Warriors. Ball drained a corner triple to tie the game in the second quarter and he decided to talk a bit of smack toward Dubs star Draymond Green after the made trey.

Here’s a look at Ball exchanging words with Green as the two teams headed to their respective benches for a timeout (h/t NBA on ESPN on Twiter):

Ball clearly liked the trey and he was chirping away as soon as he drained it. He was talking the whole time he made his way to the bench and unsurprisingly, Green decided to engage. It’s unclear what the pair had to say to each other, but we’re sure that it was all in (somewhat) good competitive spirit.

Green is by no means a timid guy and he’s been known to talk smack at opposing players virtually every single night. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was actually chirping at Ball prior to this exchange, which is what could have prompted the clap back from the Pelicans stud.

The fact that a guy like Draymond Green has decided to target Ball with his smack-talking could be considered as a bit of a privilege for Lonzo. Green usually reserves his trash-talking for the best players on the opposing team, so this is certainly a nod towards Ball’s level of play right now.