Pelicans news: New Orleans coaches commit crucial blunder in OT loss to Suns
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New Orleans Pelicans’ coaches commit crucial blunder in OT loss to Suns


What a perfect way to sum up the 2018-19 NBA season for the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pelicans were on their way to an overtime win against the lowly Phoenix Suns. They were up three with 6.5 seconds to play. Then this happened.

As Pelicans broadcaster Joel Meyers pointed out, the Pelicans didn’t foul before the Suns’ game-tying 3-pointer with 1.1 seconds left. This would have been the smart move, since it would have eliminated the chances of the Suns immediately tying the game.

It’s possible that’s what the players were told to do; New Orleans head coach Alvin Gentry did not seem too happy. That’s probably why the Pelicans then called a timeout with 1.1 seconds left in a 136-136 tie: to calm everyone down and figure it all out.

The problem is, they had no more timeouts. As Chris Webber will tell you, that means a technical foul.

The Suns were able to make the technical foul shot and take the lead with no time for the Pelicans to attempt a comeback. The Suns got the ball back after the technical foul.

The Suns ended up winning, 138-136, after trailing by three with three seconds left.

In the last six seconds of a game, the Pelicans offered the ultimate instructional example of “what NOT to do.” This is their sixth straight loss. They will also be losing Anthony Davis in the offseason.

Other than that, how is the season going in the Big Easy?

If you can find any silver lining, it’s this: Continuing the losing streak will help their chances in the draft lottery this year. Maybe if they lose enough they can get a top pick.

For now though, things just keep getting worse. Now the Pelicans will be all over the media airwaves in the next 24 hours for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully, Gentry and company can bounce back strong to finish the season and give their fans something positive to cling to in the offseason.